Online courses


We are currently considering offering online courses – using readily available video conferencing software.

We are still discussing the details of how these courses might work, but in general terms what we are likely to be offering will probably comprise a series of one hour LIVE online interactive seminars and workshops for a strictly limited number of participants (between 4 and 6 at a time). These seminar / workshops will each be focused on a different aspect of playwriting – for example, writing dialogue, developing character and characterisation, structure, narrative and plotting, imagery.

We are also exploring ways of offering an online experience with actors – approximating to the kind of experience Write Theatre participants have enjoyed on the second weekend of our courses at The Cockpit.

FEES.  We have yet to finalise details of fees, but they will be considerably LESS than the fees for courses we have held (and plan to hold again) at The Cockpit.

If you might be interested in taking part in an online Write Theatre course, please contact us at, and we will contact you as soon as we have more details.