There is no interactive online course currently scheduled

While there is no interactive online course currently scheduled, we have successfully run such courses in the past and will do so again.

There is NO CHARGE for registering your interest in participating in an online course. To do so, please contact us at

When we have the numbers to schedule the course we will let you know the dates. You will only need to pay your deposit if you then confirm your interest in taking part. See Enrolment and Fees page.

Details of the content and structure of our online course are given below.

Theatre is essentially a live and playful experience, which is why in all our courses we not only play with the words on the page but always ensure that each course is interactive. We encourage participants to try out dialogue, exploring the relationship between how people speak and what that reveals about character; investigate how narrative is driven by character; consider how meaning is created through visual and spoken imagery; and how theatrical structure works in the dynamics between characters and in the overall narrative.

Many online ‘creative writing’ courses offer material that can be accessed at any time, and comprise in essence a series of recorded lectures. The WRITE THEATRE online course offers much more than that. The tutors, Rib Davis and Brian Woolland, engage with participants directly throughout. The participants take part in writing exercises during every Zoom session and undertake writing tasks between one week and the next. There are numerous opportunities for participants to ask questions and to reflect on the work.

The WRITE THEATRE online course also offers those who have completed the course an invitation to have extracts from their plays given online rehearsed readings with experienced professional actors, and the opportunity to take advantage of WRITE THEATRE’s Script Appraisal service.

The course uses the Zoom platform (use of the platform is free at the participant end). The workshops will be a mixture of individual writing exercises, pair exercises (using the Zoom breakout facility – participants do not need to know how to use this facility, as it is operated from our end), discussion, reflection and advice.

The workshops will be spread across 3 Saturday half days, with exercises to be completed between each Saturday.

We strictly limit the number of participants to 6 for each course, in order to guarantee individual attention.

Day 1

This consists of 2 80-minute workshops, with a 30-minute break between them. The first workshop, GETTING STARTED, is about generating material from scratch.  The second workshop looks at writing EFFECTIVE DIALOGUE for the theatre.

In the week between Day 1 and Day 2 the participants will complete some short writing exercises based on those workshops, to be submitted to the tutor 24 hours before Day 2.

Day 2

This begins with an 80-minute remote workshop, responding to the exercises the participants have completed, and exploring further aspects of Getting Started and Effective Dialogue.

There is then an 80-minute remote workshop focused upon CHARACTERISATION and STRUCTURE.

In the week between Day 2 and Day 3 the participants will complete some short writing exercises based on those workshops, to be submitted to the tutor 24 hours before Day 3.

Day 3

The morning consists of a 50-minute remote workshop, responding to the exercises the participants have completed, and exploring further aspects of Characterisation and Structure.

This will be followed by 60 minutes of open tutorials, in which the participants will have the opportunity to discuss their writing and their writing plans with the tutor and the other participants.

Finally there will be a 50-minute workshop on THE REVISING PROCESS and next steps. This is the end of the course.

Timings of sessions 10.00am – 11.20am and 11.50am – 1.10pm.

Participants will need:

  • a computer with internet access and a strong signal,
  • a camera and microphone either as part of the computer or connected to it (most computers now incorporate these as standard,
  • a quiet location without distractions or interruptions.

You are encouraged to try out the use of Zoom in advance of the course, but that is not vital. The tutor will take you through the use of the platform, which is anyway very straightforward.

When you have enrolled you will receive a reading list for the course. There are a small number of required texts (which will be referred to during the course) as well as recommended texts.

The Fee for the course is £250. To enrol, please see the Enrolment and Fees page of this site.

After the course

Those who have completed the course will be invited to have extracts from their plays given online rehearsed readings with experienced professional actors. The precise arrangements for these sessions, including fees, will be confirmed with you during the course.

After Day 3 participants are also encouraged to write a complete script, and then to take advantage of Write Theatre’s Script Appraisal service.

Write Theatre courses are offered in association with Border Crossings


TESTIMONIALS for the interactive online course

I came into this course a keen writer but with no experience in theatre writing and it was the most perfect entry point I could have asked for. Rib held a really great space where we, the participants, felt that we could let go of our trepidation and just dive in from the very first session. We tried our hand at writing dialogue and developing characters, we were encouraged to bravely prod at the parts of human experience that are ugly and uncomfortable to really uncover our capacities to write drama in a real and engaging way. Time flew each week as we had a great balance of on screen conversations, independent or group tasks and activities and comfort breaks. I particularly enjoyed being pushed to write new material in between each session and having a chance to have that reviewed and analysed by a real pro!                                                                          Zahra Dalilah

The Writing Theatre course with Rib was a fabulous experience and I think the migration to an online format worked seamlessly. As there were fewer students it allowed for greater intimacy and more time workshopping and analysing student writing. Rib’s experience and knowledge of play and scriptwriting is enormous and he delivers it all in a relaxed and easy going manner. Those lectures are interspersed with writing exercises that illuminate the discussion points in unexpected ways. Finally I should add that the course is a lot of fun. I got used to spending my Saturday mornings in a virtual classroom and was quite sad that it came to an end. Suffice to say I’ll be signing up again.                        Shola Asante

NOTE     If after announcing a course we are unable to run the course for any reason (including precautions and restrictions arising from responses to the Coronavirus), all fees paid (including the deposit) will be returned in full. If the course runs but a participant is unable to attend as a result of illness or self-isolation, the course fee will be refunded minus the deposit.