Script appraisal service

In the past we have occasionally offered script appraisal (of full length and one-act plays) to writers who have attended a Write Theatre course. Several of those writers who have made use of this service have gone on to get those plays produced.

We have now decided to offer this service to writers who have not attended a Write Theatre course.

What we offer is as follows:

You send us a play or an extract from a play. One of us reads the material you send us and offers detailed specific comments and overall suggestions as to how you might improve and develop the play.  If you have specific questions about the play, you should include those in your accompanying email.

The fee we charge is at a rate of £40 per hour of our time.  For example, if the material you send would run at about 80 minutes (80 pages using standard layout), that would probably be three hours work, so there’d be a charge of £120.  We will ask for £50 in advance for a full length script, £25 in advance for an extract or a shorter play. We will then invoice for the balance due with the return of the playscript and our comments / suggestions.

If you are interested in making use of this service, please contact us at BEFORE you send in any written material with a description of what you plan to send and a brief account of your own previous writing experience.